Discover our selection of table linens: tablecloths, placemats and table runners

In our online store, we offer a wide selection of table linens to enhance your meals and receptions. You'll find tablecloths, placemats and table runners in different styles, materials and sizes to suit all your needs and desires.

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Tablecloths : elegance and protection for your table

Tablecloths are essential for dressing and protecting your table at mealtimes. In our online catalog, we offer a wide variety of tablecloths to suit every occasion:

  • Cotton tablecloths: for a soft, pleasant feel, cotton tablecloths are ideal for everyday use or for convivial meals with family and friends.
  • Linen tablecloths: elegant and refined, linen tablecloths bring a touch of sophistication to your table. They're perfect for romantic dinners or chic soirées.
  • Stain-resistant tablecloths: practical and resistant, these tablecloths are treated to prevent stains and make them easy to care for. Ideal for families with children or outdoor meals.
  • Disposable tablecloths: to save time, opt for disposable tablecloths for large-scale receptions. They are available in a range of colors and patterns to match your décor.

How to choose the right tablecloth?

To choose the ideal tablecloth, it's important to take several criteria into account:

  1. Table size: measure your table precisely to select a suitable tablecloth. It's advisable to leave a drop of about 20 to 30 cm on each side for an aesthetically pleasing finish.
  2. Tablecloth style: depending on the occasion and your décor, choose a tablecloth with colors, patterns and materials to match your mood.
  3. Tablecloth care: some fabrics are easier to care for than othersautres. If you want to limit ironing, opt for polyester or stain-resistant tablecloths.

Placemats: practicality and fantasy for everyday use

Placemats are perfect for adding a touch of originality to your meals and protecting your table. They come in a variety of shapes and materials:

  • Fabric place mats: offering a soft, pleasant feel, fabric placemats are easy to care for and can be matched to your table linen.
  • Plastic place mats: stain- and water-resistant, plastic placemats are ideal for outdoor dining or with children.
  • Bamboo place mats: for a natural, exotic touch, opt for bamboo placemats. They're also eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Our tips for using your placemats

To make the most of your placemats every day, here are a few tips:

  1. Be sure to match the size of your placemats to the size of your plates and table.
  2. Vary your patterns and colors according to the season, the occasion or your mood. You can, for example, play with contrasts or match your placemats to your tableware.
  3. Remember to wash your placemats regularly to maintain their beauty and hygiene. Fabric placemats are generally machine-washable, while plastic ones are easy to clean with a sponge.

Table runners: a trendy decorative accessory

Table runners are ideal for adding a touch of originality and aesthetic appeal to your decor. Placed in the center of the table, they can be used on their own or as a complement to a tablecloth.

Discover our wide range of table runners in different styles:

  • Fabric table runners: elegant and refined, fabric table runners are available in a wide choice of colors and patterns to suit your every whim.
  • Burlap table run ners: for a rustic, natural feel, opt for a burlap table runner. This accessory is particularly suited to champ meals or bohemian weddings.
  • Luminous table runners: original and festive, luminous table runners are perfect for illuminating your table on special evenings. They are usually battery- or mains-powered.

Choosing and caring for your table runner

Here are a few tips for selecting and maintaining your table runner:

  1. The size of the table runner should be proportional to the size of your table. It's advisable to allow about 30 cm more than the length of the table for a harmonious look.
  2. Harmonizing colors and patterns is essential to create a coherent ambiance. You can match your table runner to your placemats, napkins or autres decorative accessories.
  3. Finally, remember to wash your table runner according to the care instructions on the label. Fabric table runners are generally machine-washable, while burlap table runners should be hand-washed.

Feel free to browse our online table linen selection to discover our quality tablecloths, placemats and table run ners. With our boutique, you're sure to find the ideal table linen to enhance all your meals and receptions.