Bath sheet - Bathroom linen

Our range of bath sheets and towels offers you impeccable quality and incomparable comfort. We have selected the best materials, such as cotton, to offer you products that are soft, absorbent and long-lasting. To meet your needs, we've diversified our range in terms of size and design.

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Our different types of towels and bath sheets

Here you'll find a wide choice of towels to suit all tastes and uses. Here are some of the highlights of our collection:

  • Terry towels: They are ultra-absorbent and very soft to the touch, thanks to their combed cotton composition which guarantees greater absorbency.
  • Bath sheet: This large-format sheet is ideal for wrapping up after a shower or bath, offering a feeling of warmth and comfort.
  • Guest towels: Smaller than terry towels, these are perfect for welcoming your guests in style.
  • Gant Bath towels: A bathroom must-have, they provide a gentle way to wash your body.

Choose quality: our cotton bath sheets and towels

Cotton is a natural, soft and highly absorbent material. That's why we choose to make our bathroom linen with this fabric. We rigorously select the cotton we use to guarantee a top-quality product. What's more, our bath sheets and towels are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they comply with environmental standards and are free from substances harmful to health.

The benefits of cotton

  • Comfort: Cotton is soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • Absorbency: This material is highly absorbent, so it dries well after a shower or bath.
  • Easy care: Cotton products are easy to wash and can be machine-washed without difficulty.

For even greater comfort and absorbency, opt for our Egyptian cotton towels and bath sheets. This type of cotton is renowned for its superior quality and exceptionally soft feel. You can also choose organic cotton towels for a more ecological and environmentally-friendly choice.

Find the perfect size for your bathroom linen

Our bath sheet and towel collection offers different sizes to suit every situation and every member of the family:

  • Bath sheet: Usually measuring 100x150 cm, it's a comfortable way to wrap up after a shower or bath.
  • Towel: Measuring 50x100 cm, it's perfect for drying the body after a shower or bath.
  • Guest towel: Smaller, it measures around 30x50 cm and is ideal for welcoming your guests in style.
  • Gant Toilet towel: This small 15x21 cm towel is ideal for gently washing the body.

Customize your bathroom linen with our different designs and colors

We offer a wide choice of colors and patterns for our linens, so you can find the style that best suits your interior. From classic white to bolder shades, geometric or floral patterns, you're bound to find the bathroom linen that suits you.

Our tips for harmonizing your bathroom linen

  1. Coordinate colors: Choose towels and bath sheets in the same color or in complementary shades for a harmonious look.
  2. Mix patterns: Don't hesitate to play with patterns and textures to bring a touch of originality to your bathroom. For example, combine striped towels with plain ones.
  3. Decorate with accessories: Add decorative elements such as towel rails, baskets or shelves to enhance your bathroom linen.

So don't wait any longer to discover our selection of bath sheets and towels and treat yourself to quality, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bathroom linen!