Scented candles: a multitude of scents for your home

Over the last few years, scented candles have become an essential element in the decoration and ambience of our homes. They have the advantage of creating a warm atmosphere, while diffusing pleasant scents for the well-being and comfort of our home. We invite you to discover the different scents available on our e-commerce site to give your home a touch of freshness and originality.

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Fruity and tangy: scented candles full of pep

If you like a vitamin-rich, energizing atmosphere, choose candles with fruity scents. Their bright, light fragrances will transport you into a colorful, gourmand universe. They include

  • The green apple scent, ideal for a refreshing, stimulating atmosphere.
  • The blood orange fragrance, reminiscent of citrus fruits, brings energy and positivity.
  • The pineapple fragrance, with its sweet, exotic notes, is sure to take you on a journey.

Original creations to vary your pleasures

We've also developed fruity fragrance combinations for those who want to break away from classic scents. For example

  1. The melange pear and blackcurrant, a delicate alliance of sweetness and acidity
  2. Peach and mango, for a sunny exotic fruit cocktail
  3. Our e-commerce site's original creation: the raspberry and basil candle, a subtle blend of fruity and herbaceous notes.

Floral and romantic: scented candles for a soft ambience

If you prefer tender, soothing atmospheres, we recommend candles with floral scents. Their delicate fragrances are sure to charm you:

  • rose, a classic fragrance reminiscent of gardens in bloom
  • The jasmine scent, with its bewitching floral notes, ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere.
  • Orange blossom fragrance, evocative of southern orchards and bringing a touch of the exotic to your home.

Our floral favorites for a fragrant home

Our e-commerce site also offers unique combinations of floral scents, such as :

  1. Bergamot and lavender, for a candle with fresh, relaxing notes.
  2. The combination of cherry blossom and honey, a subtle, sweet and delicatelange scent that's sure to please.
  3. The exclusive creation of our e-commerce site: the ylang-ylang and violet candle, for a soft, mysterious ambience

Spicy and woody: scented candles for a warm atmosphere

For those who love cosy, comforting atmospheres, candles with spicy, woody scents are perfect. Many fragrances are available:

  • cannelle-orange, a balanced combination for a warm, energizing interior
  • The vanilla-cedar scent, with its gourmand, enveloping notes, ideal for creating a cocooning ambience
  • The musk-sandalwood fragrance, powerful and mysterious, adds character to your home.

Our surprising compositions for a unique interior

To give you even more choice, we've created original blends based on spicy and woody scents:

  1. Patchouli and ginger, for a resolutely exotic and bewitching candle.
  2. The almond and pine alliance, a daringlange blend of gourmet sweetness and forest notes.
  3. Our e-commerce site's in-house creation: the licorice and wood candle from rose, for those who love surprising, indefinable scents.

Aromatic and fresh: scented candles for an invigorating ambience

Finally, if you want to add a touch of freshness to your home, opt for candles with aromatic and fresh scents. They're particularly popular in summer, or after a long day at work:

  • Peppermint scent, ideal for decompressing and relaxing the senses.esprit
  • The basil fragrance, reminiscent of Mediterranean gardens, brings a revitalizing note to your home.
  • The eucalyptus fragrance, with its powerful, refreshing notes, is perfect for purifying the ambient air.

Our bold combinations for a modern interior

We take pleasure in creating unexpected fragrance combinations based on fresh, aromatic scents:

  1. duo thyme-lemon, for an energizing, invigorating candle
  2. The rosemary and bergamot alliance, an original creation that blends freshness and sweetness in a skilful balance.
  3. The latest addition to our e-commerce site: the verbena-cardamom candle, for a modern, sparkling ambience.

Come and discover all our creations on our e-commerce site. Our wide choice of scented candles in a variety of fragrances will seduce you and enable you to create the ideal ambiance for your home.