Candleholder Höfats Oval Candle 55 [Size 11x11x55 cm]

Candleholder Höfats Oval Candle 55 [Size 11x11x55 cm]
Elegance and versatility with the Höfats Oval Candle 55 candleholder. Perfect for illuminating your home and garden with candles of all sizes.
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Candleholder Höfats Oval Candle 55

  • free-standing and hanging candleholders and candle-holders

  • for candles with a diameter of 20-24mm and a maximum height of 25cm

  • specially adapted candle holder with 4 support pins

  • detachable wax tray under candle for safe use and easy cleaning

  • base for placing OVAL CANDLE on the table

  • suspension of OVAL CANDLE by heat-resistant aramid cord: cord length can be flexibly adjusted

  • lid with silicone handle: prevents the stirrup from being heated by the burning candle in semi-open position, and extinguishes the candle when the glass cylinder is completely covered

  • easy tool-free assembly

  • dishwasher-safe

  • Oval Candle 55 base, aramid cord, cover

  • optional accessories: wall mounting

OVAL CANDLE - a declaration of love to the long oval. Timeless and elegant, soft and flowing, the candle is framed and staged with its impressively large flame. OVAL CANDLE is as iconic as it is functional. Hanging or placed on a table, indoors or out, this lantern enchants every imaginable mood with its heart-warming candlelight. And it's safe and clean, thanks to the heat-resistant glass cylinder, drip tray and extinguishing cover.

Additional Information

Brand Höfats
Manufacturer SKU 00274
Color black
Color Black
Size 11x11x55 cm - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult